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Clean Waters Project

Our seas, our responsibility.

Why should we preserve our seas and oceans?

The cleaner the seas, the better.

Not only are they useful to bathe, they are also essential to our survival. In fact oceans and seas are a great source of nourishment and on top of that they are one of the main oxygen producing source on earth. However with the current pollution, the equilibrium of our planet is endangered. 

Therefore it goes without saying that if we want to bequeath a sustainable planet to the future generations, we have to preserve our waters.


“Even if you never have a chance to see or touch the ocean, the ocean touches you with every breath you take, every drop you drink, every bite you consume. Everyone, everywhere is inextricably connected to and utterly dependent upon the existence of the sea”


Sylvia Earle

What are the benefits we get from the oceans and seas?

Too many to ignore.

  • Oceans and seas are a vital source of nourishment. For some populations mostly the poorest, it represent their primary source where to get protein from. Fisheries and aquaculture support the livelihoods of about 540 million people that is to say 8% of the world’s population. [1]

  • Marine and coastal ressources and industries make up for 5% of the global GDP. Oceans have a positive impact on many economic sectors such as fisheries, tourism, transport and shipping. They have also many "non-market" benefits like climate regulation, carbon sequestration and biodiversity among others. [3]

  • Surprisingly, oceans and seas allow the development of new drugs to treat humans. Treatment have already been elaborated based from marine organisms and are currently on the market to treat asthma, tuberculosis and cancer. [2]

  • They also hold a great promise when it comes to developing new types of renewal energy, mainly considering that the oceans and seas make up for two-thirds of the planet's surface. [4]

[1][2][3][4]: Healthy ocean, healthy people: knowing our ocean, protecting our marine treasures, empowering ocean citizens, UNESCO, 2012. Why a healthy ocean matters for humanity, p. 2


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How do we plan on preserving our waters?

Every action counts!

We plan on doing concrete actions directly on the field. We chose to do it in Malta, which is one of the most polluted European country in terms of plastic waste. There, these concrete actions will take the form of a raising awareness campaign as well as a cleaning the beaches initiative. 

During the month of April 2021, we will raise awareness around marine pollution and its consequences on biodiversity. We believe we must educate people on this issue and above all it is a necessity to sensitize the youth to this global problem. We want to educate the youngest to a sustainable way to manage our waters as they are the ones who will be in charge tomorrow.

We also have to target tourists during this campaign as they are one of the main reason for the presence of littering on the beaches.  

Furthermore, we will organize with our Maltese partners great cleaning the beaches initiatives. We will join forces to reach a same goal: reducing beach pollution and therefore reducing marine pollution in the area. 

These initiatives depend on the people who will chose to take a part in them. This is why everyone counts and every action counts, as small as it is. We must commit to save our planet since it is our most precious possession.

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